Seven Month Sting Shuts Down 4 Massage Parlors in Florida

August 15, 2017

Seven Month Sting Shuts Down 4 Massage Parlors in Florida Image

According to the Miami Herald: After a seven-month long sting operation, detectives in Miami Beach managed to shut down 4 massage parlors and to the arrest of 3 individuals. This sting operation, according to local authorities, was a human trafficking operation that forced 2 Chinese women to provide sexual services in exchange for money. The 4 massage parlors were offering various sex acts and “happy endings” for prices ranging from $40 to $400. Each of the women forced to perform the sex acts was paid a small percentage of each act. However, these women made very little money as they were also charged for use of the room ($30 a day). The prosecutors in the case charged a 62-year-old Mi Cha Jones with 2 counts of human trafficking and a single count of profiting from prostitution and a 48-year-old Quen Chen with prostitution. The Miami Beach spokesman Ernesto Rodriques was quoted as saying:
“There were three arrests in four places. But more importantly, we identified two victims of human trafficking. This is a tremendous success.”