Polk County Deputy in Jail for Sexual Battery of Trainee

October 10, 2018

Polk County Battery of Trainee ImageAccording to the Orlando Sentinel: Scott Walker, 39-year-old Polk County sheriff’s deputy, was arrested last Friday on charges of sexual battery by a law-enforcement officer, and with false imprisonment. The victim, a male sheriff trainee, met Walker in Lakeland for training-related tutoring. According to the trainee, Walker reached into the trainee’s pants, grabbed his genitals underneath the underwear, and digitally penetrated the victim. After that, apparently, Walker closed and locked the door, and turned out the lights. Luckily, the victim was able to text a friend for help and was allowed to leave Walker’s residence. The trainee said that Walker stated the following as he was leaving:

“You better send me some pictures. Listen, [explitive], you better not say anything to anyone.” – Scott Walker

The Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is even quoted as saying:

“We hold our people to a higher standard than we do the members of the community. Scott is now in jail for his illegal conduct, as he should be.” – Grady Judd