Semen Poured on Panera Bread Customer by Florida Man

March 22, 2018

According to HuffPost: 28-year-old Patrick Bruce was arrested this past Tuesday with 2 counts of battery, indecent exposure, and commission of a lewd and lascivious act for pouring a foam cup filled with semen on a customer at Panera Bread. According to the Police, on September 12th, 2017, Bruce entered the restaurant and stared at 2 female customers. After staring at the women for an extended period of time, Bruce left the restaurant and returned with a foam drinking cup. He proceeded to the bathroom with the cup, and after a short time returned to the dining area and poured semen on one of the women. When Bruce fled the restaurant, he accidentally left his phone. When police searched the phone, they found video evidence of Bruce masturbating into the very cup in which he used to pour semen on an unsuspecting customer. This isn’t his first accusation of a sexual offense, either. Last June, Bruce was accused of rubbing his genitals on an employee at a sports bar.