Scooter Riding Man Stalks and Attempts to Rape South Beach Woman

August 8, 2017

Man Stalks Woman On Scooter Prior To Sexual Assault
According to the Miami Herald: Herbert Swinton, a 31-year-old man from Harlem, was arrested in South Beach Florida. He followed a local South Beach woman to a nearby Starbucks Coffee and then back to her home. Herbert was on a red scooter that his girlfriend had rented. The police have stated that they have a video showing Mr. Swinton circling the block of Washington Avenue between 13th and 12th street on the day in question. When the woman returned home at around 7 p.m., she got ready for bed. But, she had forgotten to lock the door and when she returned to the living room, she found Herbert leaning against the living room couch. He refused to leave after being asked. Then he tackled her and attempted to rape her. The woman’s screams and the sounds of turmoil woke her roommate who scared Herbert Swinton to the point of running out the door. They called the police and Herbert Swinton was promptly arrested and is currently being held.