Registered Sex Offender Answers Ad Offering 11-Year-Old for Sex

November 1, 2017

According to the Miami Herald: Robert Anthony Ryker, a 48-year-old Key West resident was arrested on October 27 at a gas station near Key West for seeking sexual relations with an 11-year-old-boy. Ryker originally saw an ad on a hookup website in which the “uncle” of the fictitious 11-year-old boy (this whole situation was a sting operation) was interested in incest role play and that he was trying to introduce his nephew to the scene. Ryker began and kept in correspondence with the boy’s “uncle” for several weeks. He even sent at least 1 explicit and sexually graphic email to the boy. Ryker also asked the fictitious boy to respond with the same graphic nature. Eventually, Ryker received an email from the uncle offering to have the boy meet Ryker at a local gas station. When Ryker arrived, he was arrested on the spot. Special Agent Travis Jones (an agent on this case) wrote:

“Ryker admitted that he traveled to meet the 11-year-old boy for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.” – Special Agent Travis Jones It turns out that this is not Ryker’s first sexual offense. He was already part of the Florida Sex Offender Registration program for molesting a child in Howard, Indiana in March of 1997.