Pam Bondi Stresses Importance of Collaboration at Human Trafficking Summit

October 4, 2017

Global Human Trafficking Summit Image According to Pam Bondi, the State Attorney General, attended the Florida Human Trafficking Summit on Monday in Orlando. During the summit, she heavily stressed the importance of global collaboration to end human trafficking and sexual slavery. She was quoted as saying:

“If we don’t tackle thiss worldwide, we’ll never solve the problem. This is a transnational crime and a worldwide problem.”

During the summit, Bondi spoke to more than 500 audience member that included numerous people from law enforcement, human trafficking survivors, health care experts, educators, teachers, legislators and community leaders. Before she began her presentation, she asked for a moment of silence in solidarity with the victims of the terrorizing mass shooting massacre in Las Vegas this last week. She strongly urged business, corporations, hospitals, and schools to train their personnel in how to recognize human and sex trafficking signs. Bondi also criticized Hollywood for their portrayal of kidnapping, saying that it has glamorized the stories in movies like “Taken”. She was quoted as saying:

“Unfortunately, the father doesn’t come in and save the child at the end of the day. Your child can be sitting at the dinner table every night and be a victim of human trafficking.”

Pam Bondi then said that community leaders in Florida are committed to making Florida a zero-tolerance state for human trafficking. She also attributed a large number of these cases to opioid addiction, saying that opioids were used as a tool of the perpetrators of these crimes. She said that abusers would get the kids addicted to opioids and then take advantage of that fact to get them hooked into slavery.