NASCAR Truck-Series Driver Attempts to Meet a Minor for Sexual Relations

March 6, 2018

Nascar Driver Arrest Banner According to the Orlando Sentinel: Rick Crawford, a 59-year-old former NASCAR truck-series driver, was arrested on Thursday in Lake Mary for attempting to meet and pay a minor for sexual relations. He is currently being held on no bail in the Seminole County Jail. According to current court records, Rick had been talking to and communicating intent for sexual relations with an undercover cop since February 10th thinking that the officer was a 12-year-old-girl. During their communications, they negotiated a time, place and dollar amount for the sexual encounter. After Crawford arrived at the designated location, he was promptly arrested. According to Crawford, he “found it hard to believe” that a 12-year-old girl would be involved in any kind of sexual meeting and that he would not have followed through with the encounter if she had actually been a 12-year-old.