Man Wanted in Canada for Sex Assault Charges fired from Florida School

August 31, 2018

As reported by the Miami Herald: Owen Headly was wanted in Canda for various sexual assault, incest, and sexual exploitation was arrested 8/29/2018 in Delray Beach Florida. Headley was working as a 5th-grade teacher for Hammock Point Elementary School in Boca Raton until he was removed a year ago after certain allegations arose and he was assigned to maintenance duties away from children.Not much information on his former charges in Canda or what the government plans to do with Headley is currently available to the public. All we know for sure is that Headley is/was facing extradition to Canada for sexual assault-related crimes and that the Peel Regional Police Department has stated that this arrest and case is directly related to a case being investigated by them. Manny Puri, assistant chief deputy marshal of the Southern District of Florida has also been quoted as saying:

“The U.S. Marshals and their international partners remain vigilant in pursuing fugitives that may endanger children in our communities,” – Manny Puri