Man Rapes, Beats and Threatens to Set Woman on Fire

August 29, 2017

According to the Miami Herald: On Friday, 8/25/2017, a 34-year-old Naples man named Jorge Moreno, was arrested for raping, beating and threatening to kill and set a 28-year-old victim on fire. In addition to these crimes, Moreno also threatened to kill her child. Monroe forced the victim into a bathroom at the hotel and held a towel over their face so as to restrict the victim’s ability to breathe. He then ran water boarded the victim to simulate drowning during the attack. After, he poured a bottle of tequila over the victim and threatened to set her on fire, only subsiding when he could not find a lighter. The next day, he drove the victim to Card Sound Bridge, where he continued to threaten her life. He then pushed her off the bridge. After, he took the victim to her parent’s home in Cutler Bay, then left. As soon as he left, the victim called the sheriff’s department. Moreno was arrested and charged with four counts of attempted murder, sexual battery, battery and false imprisonment. He is booked in county jail and is being held without bond.