Man Arrested for Digitally Stalking and Harassing a Young Woman

May 10, 2018

Craigslist Stalker ImageAccording to the Sun Sentinel: Magdy “Mike” Boutros was arrested and sentenced to three years in federal prison for digitally stalking, harassing and terrifying a young woman who rented an apartment from him. This all apparently started after the victim moved into one of his apartments after college in late 2011 and Boutros approached her for sex. She refused, and he began his onslaught of digital sexual harassment. According to police and the victim, Boutros posted several ads on Craigslist trying to get people to go to the victim’s house for sex parties and various other sexual activities. These attacks and instances of harassment continued to follow the victim even after moving from Florida to rural Alabama and in with her mother. The U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom said:

“It was calculated and it was evil… It left a permanent scar on an innocent young person’s life.” – U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom