House Arrest for Ex-Miami Exchange Student Charged With Sexual Abuse

August 31, 2017

House Arrest Image
According to the Miami Herald: Marta San Jose, a 21-year-old Spanish foreign-exchange student has been granted house arrest after sexually abusing her underage sister. The judge granted her house arrest on Tuesday, 8/28/2017 after her mother moved to Miami. San Jose was arrested in June after she and an American accomplice lured the young woman’s underage sister to their Cutler Bay home. There they manipulated the girl into performing sex acts and taking illicit photographs. Marta’s attorney has stated that she was brainwashed into performing these acts on her sister by the American accomplice, one Mr. Dale Leary. Leary later killed himself after posting bail awaiting trial. This case goes even deeper than this one poignantly disturbing sex crime. Dale Leary had also been accused of abusing more Spanish-Exchange students in the Cutler Bay home where this abuse took place. And, there are investigations being run into why the exchange agency, CCI Greenheart, continually allowed children into the home of a convicted felon. Perhaps these profound instances of child molestation and pornography could have been avoided from the get-go.