Highway Patrol Officer Accused of Sexual Battery on a Teen

September 28, 2017

According to WFTV 9 ABC: Chad Robert Corriveau, a 32-year-old trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol, was accused of sexual battery on a teen. Investigators say that the trooper in question sexually battered, and touched the teenage victim between November 25, 2016, and January 1, 2017. He also, allegedly, showed the victim child pornography on his cell phone. He had complained to the teen during the Christmas break of last year that he wasn’t having a lot of sexual relations with other people. Then he asked the victim about her experiences. He then began sexually assaulting the teen and told her never to tell anyone. According to the Lake County Sherriff’s Office:

“This all started when one of our deputies had received information that this victim had disclosed sexual abuse by Corriveau” – John Herrell, Lake County Sherriff’s Office

The sheriff’s department is confident that Corriveau committed sexual battery on his teenaged victim. John Herrell also said:

“The detectives are confident that this victim is telling the truth. That’s why they made application to the state attorney’s office for the warrant. They were able to obtain a warrant for his arrest. Law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard. So it’s always disheartening when we see someone in this line of work, fall below those standards” – John Herrell, Lake County Sherriff’s Office

After all of these proceedings, events, and interviews, the Florida Highway Patrol released a statement this last Sunday about his the arrest of Chad Robert Corriveau:

“The Florida Highway Patrol takes these matters very seriously and has placed the trooper on administrative leave pending the criminal investigation by the Lake County Sherriff’s Office. Additionally, a thorough administrative investigation is being conducted simultaneously regarding the allegations and the actions of the Trooper, and appropriate disciplinary action will be immediately taken based on the outcome of the investigation.”