Florida Man Found Dead Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Sister Of Spanish Exchange Student

July 4, 2017

Dale Leary and Marta San Jose
According to the New York Daily News: Florida man, Dale Leary found dead in apparent suicide, after the investigation of an alleged molestation of his wife’s sister. The 14-year-old Spanish Foreign Exchange student, Marta San Jose stayed with Leary and his wife in Leary’s Miami home. According to reports, Dale asked his wife for permission to perform a vaginal examination on her sister when she visited the home for the first time at age 14.

Reports reveal numerous sexual assaults. Moreover, Leary left his wife to marry Marta San Jose. The ex-wife, Claudia, currently in jail, faces charges unrelated to Leary with questions raised as to why Claudia allowed Leary to host her sister in his home in the first place. Furthermore, Leary was found guilty in 1985, when he was just 19 year of age for tying up a woman and sexually assaulting her.