Fencing Coach Arrested for Bathroom Video Voyeurism

March 27, 2018

Video Voyeurism According to the Miami Herald: Daniel Berliner, a 27-year-old preeminent fencing coach was arrested last Wednesday for secretly recording a girl in the bathroom of the Duellife Olympic Fencing Center on March 14th. According to the local authorities, Berliner’s ex-girlfriend found the video on his phone in a hidden file. The video depicted the victim using the restroom, changing her clothes, and of Berliner coming in to adjust the angle. Berliner’s ex-girlfriend is who alerted the police and told them that she had found the video even after he begged her not to go to the authorities. He is being charged with video voyeurism and tampering with evidence. Berliner is currently being held on a $25,000 bond for the voyeurism charge and on a $1000 bond for the tampering charge. Berliner has also been stripped of his membership in the U.S. Center for Safesport and he is no longer allowed to participate in any activity or competition ran by the USA Fencing and the Unit4ed States Olympic Committee.