Child Molester Looks to Solicit Murder for Revenge

March 8, 2018

According to the Miami Herald: Richard Palmer, a 26-year-old Florida man, was arrested with 2 counts of solicitation of first-degree murder, one count of arson, and 2 counts of molestation of a child under 12. After Palmer was accused of molesting a child, he attempted to hire someone to kill the child’s parents, the child, and to burn down the home in which they lived as revenge and to potentially get him out of trouble. He thought very wrong. The person he tried to make this agreement with was an undercover Polk County police officer! According to the Polk County Sherrif’s office, the victim came to the police in February of 2013 saying that she “woke up to find Palmer’s hand inside her panties, folding her.” Her cousin, who was staying the night and sharing a bed with the victim, confirms her story. In addition to that incident, Palmer was also reported as repeatedly attempting to touch the girl’s rear end throughout the family cookout the very next day. According to the police and, the girl accused Palmer of being a “pervert” on Facebook, to which he replied “lol hahahaha.” He was arrested for the incident back in 2015 and imprisoned. He posted his $25,000 bail bond and was released. This is when he plotted his revenge scheme. According to the arrest report:

“The witness said the defendant also wanted him to burn the residence the intended victims live in to destroy the evidence the defendant believes he left within.”

This isn’t the end of Palmer’s story, either. After his murder-for-hire contact and he agreed on a deposit, detectives listened in on the jailhouse call in which Palmer told his cellmate a codeword that meant “exterminate all Jews.” The “Jews” in this instance are all the people in the neighborhood where the three targets of his murder plot lived.