2 Disney Park Workers Arrested on Counts of Child Pornography

October 5, 2017

According to the Miami Herald: 2 Disney Park workers, a 41-year-old man named Miguel Ruiz and a 28-year-old Kyle Ghita, were arrested last month on several counts of possession and promotion of child pornography. Ruiz was a Disney attractions attendant (ride operator) of 15 years downloaded and viewed files of child pornography containing images and files with children between the ages of 4 and 9 years old. Ruiz also had a number of sex dolls that resemble children. The Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, was quoted as saying:

“He has relations with this doll. All kinds of relations: verbal relations, sexual relations, perverted relations.”

Miguel Ruiz was arrested on 3 counts of child pornography and promotion of child pornography in addition to making the disturbing sex dolls. Kyle Ghita, however, was arrested on 61 counts of possession of child pornography. He reportedly uploaded child pornography files to the internet depicting children between 2 and 7 years-old. Sheriff Judd was also quoted as saying:

“There is nothing that I can say that adequately expresses my disgust for these human beings, if you want to call them that.”

These arrests were just 2 of 12 arrests made last month due to the efforts of officers and personnel involved in the sting operation: Operaion Guardians of Innocence.