Vincent Trimarco

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People knew Vince Trimarco was meant to be a lawyer even when he was young. When he was a kid, he used to write up contracts and have his grandfather, a retired district attorney and judge in the Bronx in New York City, review them. He began to study law at the University of Miami in 1999. His professors there like Laurence Rose, Harvey Sepler, and others helped him realize that he had a real future and talent as an advocate.

Vincent Trimarco graduated in May 2002 and after that was hired to work in Highlands County by the Honorable James Marion Moorman, who had worked as a Public Defender for the Tenth Judicial Circuit of Florida. For two years from 2002 to 2004 at the Highlands County Courthouse Vincent Trimarco argued more motions for judgment of acquittal than any other defense attorney. Vince was promoted to full time to the felony division in Bartow in Polk County in November 2004. For the next few years he often averaged one felony jury trial verdict per month, sometimes more, even while handling a regular docket of cases.

Vince was given a special opportunity to help create the then-new Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel by the late Jackson Flyte in 2007. He continued to advocate for clients that the public defender couldn’t under Mr. Flyte, Mr. John Hendry, and others for the next five years. He tried nine felony jury trials to verdict in his last eight months with the Regional Counsel. These cases included several sexual battery cases, a second-degree murder, a burglary of a dwelling with grand theft, aggravated stalking, false verification to pawnbroker, and deaking in stolen property.

Vince decided to move into private practice in Central Florida in October 2012. During his first five years there, he expanded into commercial litigation, family law, foreclosures, debt collection, small claims, and civil traffic infractions and injunctions. During that time Vince was the first attorney to argue an appeal for the Guardian ad Litem’s Defending Best Interest programs which he recieved positive press for in an edition of The Florida Bar News on August 15, 2017.

Vince is very happy to have joined Musca Law. His position with the firm allows him to focus on what he does best – which is to say, to analyze cases like pieces on a chessboard to predict opposing counsel’s next move, and to advocate for his clients to find the best possible outcome for them.

Vince is very excited to be a part of Musca Law. His position lets him focus on his greatest strength, analyzing tough cases and advocate for his client and find the best possible outcome for them.