Lewis Fusco

Lewis Fusco
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Lewis Fusco is a highly successful criminal defense attorney. He focuses on a wide variety of criminal offenses. These include, but are not limited to, sex crime, burglary and DUI cases. During law school, he worked for the Public Defenders Office and then moved on to work for nearly 3 years with the law Office of Casey Bryant.


Fusco graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Management in 2009. He then attended law school at Florida Coastal where he worked for the Public Defenders Office.


Lewis Fusco has participated in 7 trials with Casey Bryant this year alone. Bryant also assisted in 17 trial preparations in 2012, when he was only sworn in to practice law in October of that year. He has assisted in more than 100 DUI cases. As an attorney working for the Law Office of Casey Bryant, he sealed and expunged over 50 criminal records.