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Middle Aged Salesman Accused Of Sexually Molesting A Child

Middle Aged Salesman Accused Of Sexually Molesting A Child Family Member Over The Course Of 12 Years, Makes Incriminating Statements and Apologizes to The Victim In A Recorded Conversation; Arrested On Two Counts of Capital Sexual Battery and Two Counts of Lewd And Lascivious Molestation Across Two Different Counties CLIENT FACED: MADATORY LIFE SENETNCE WITHOUT… Read more »

Older Man Caught Fondling His 15 Year Old Girlfriend

Older Man Caught Fondling His 15 Year Old Girlfriend By Family, Leaves Incriminating Physical Evidence; Charged With 2 Felony Counts of Lewd and Lascivious Molestation Facts: Our client, a 22 year old man, had been dating a 15 year old girl for 2 years. On one occasion, the girl’s mother caught our client fondling the… Read more »

Girl Forced Into Prostitution

The defendant invited a woman from out of state and arranged to have her work as a prostitute. The woman tried to escape with some money she earned working as a prostitute. The client stopped her and physically beat her. He also burned her with a heated meat tenderizer and broke her cell phone. He… Read more »

Client Arrested for Loitering in an Area Known For Prostitution

Our client was witnessed, by police officers, exiting the vehicle of a person parked in the parking lot and then walking quickly to his own car. The officers questioned him and arrested him for loitering and prowling. Our team of defense attorneys helped show that the case lacked enough evidence and was dropped.

Couple Charged With Lewdness In An Adult Movie Theater

A couple was charged with Lewdness when they were observed by undercover officers having oral sex in an adult movie theater. They were discovered in the back exchanging sexual favors when law enforcement officers entered the theater and shined their flashlights on them. They were promptly arrested and charged with Lewdness/Exposure of Sexual Organs. With… Read more »

College Student Seen Fondling 14 Year Old Girlfriend

A 22-year-old man was dating a 14-year-old girl for 2 years. The girl’s mother caught our client with his hand up her skirt. The man was also caught touching and kissing the girl’s breasts and leaving a “hickey”. He confessed having kissed her breasts several times to law enforcement officials. The client, with the help… Read more »

Client Massage Therapist Charged with Sexual Battery

A massage therapist was accused of raping his client during a massage he performed on her.  He was arrested after denying any sexual contact with the alleged victim but after his sperm was found from a vaginal swab taken from her. After the state offered plea deals ranging from8 to 12 years of prison, and… Read more »